Design Patent Applications
Flat rate $850 (Solo-Inventor special pricing)

Chhabra® Law Firm introduces an affordable flat rate design patent application drafting and filing service.
PLEASE NOTE: A design patent protects how your invention (physical product, software icon, button, etc.) looks aesthetically, and not how it functions. If your invention improves a functionality, you'll need to file a utility application. If it improves a functionality and contributes a unique aesthetic quality, you may consider filing both a design and utility application.

Applicable Terms:
1. Covers legal fee of initial application preparation and filing.
2. Costs for 7 drawings is $250 in most cases.
3. Government fee is $190 if you qualify for micro entity ; $380 otherwise
3. No compromise in the quality of our services.
4. $850 flat legal fee is a special offering for new clients (not valid for companies) .
5. No hidden terms or conditions.

To inquire about this special and affordable initiative, please contact us.